Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is almost here

I just want to comment on the fact that we CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING TO GET HERE! We want to put all the winter clothing away and never look at it again! It feels so good to get that out.

But seriously - we're so over winter in Wisconsin. We want to be able to get outside and see the sun. We're so excited for daylight savings this weekend - bring it on! We've been putting Paeton to bed 15 minutes earlier each night to prepare for the switch. We love Paeton oh so much but treasure our after 8pm time to get things done or just relax. We don't want her up till 9pm trying to adjust to the time change!

We've got the closets stocked with our spring clothing, shoes and jackets. We've made our list of springtime yard things we need/want to get done. It's our year for mulch replacement and restaining the deck. This is also our 3rd spring/summer in our home so we're looking forward to seeing all the flowers grow. We've planted tons of perennials over the past two years - they say it takes 3 years for a perennial to fully take shape. Can't wait to take Paeton outside and show her all the pretty flowers. Spring can't come fast enough for us.

We also decorated the house for Easter this past weekend. Pix of that soon!

Starting to dress for springtime :)

Pulling up on the freezer now - and doin' a little dance!

Exercising at the freezer - she looks like she's holding onto a ballet bar.

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Amber said...


I keep up on your blog every time you post and would really like to know more about what is wrong with your angel's mouth and how they are fixing it... she is a stunning baby and I enjoy reading about your family.