Thursday, April 16, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Paeton and I played outside last night after dinner and had a good time. It was about 55 degrees so we were still somewhat bundled but the good news is today is supposed to be 63 and tomorrow almost 70 degrees! Being that Paeton was a newborn last summer, she hasn't had much time to experience the outdoors. It's been really fun seeing how she reacts to the wind, the pavement, the grass, etc.
Just starting out playdate outside - she's already straying from her trusty car to go check out some other things.
She just found mommy sitting on a blanket in the driveway - here she comes!
Just walking around the driveway deciding what to play with.
Some of you have asked if we even still have dogs since I never blog about them - yep, here's Kona and Brewer plotting some suspicious activities. They enjoy running through Paeton's 'peek-a-boo' tunnel more than she does!
Paeton has made her way over to the blanket and she's playing with some of her Easter basket treats.
She thinks her watering can is a megaphone!
Going to check out the grass.
Crawling through her tunnel. We now have a hat on because it's approaching 7pm and the wind has picked up.
Here she has decided she hates the grass. Future high maintenance child?
Taking her car over to the Dailey's house.
She has now realized the Dailey's are in Hawaii and is coming back home.
That was our evening - hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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