Monday, April 20, 2009

Back at the Zoo

We headed back to the zoo on Saturday but this time as a family. We have a zoo pass and definitely will get our money's worth this year!!! I had gone the day before after our zoo trip and bought a wagon for Paeton with this neat sun canopy for it. Jodi put it together Saturday morning after softball practice and we were off to the zoo again!
It was very warm again on Saturday - we had P covered in sunscreen and drinking lots of water/juice from her sippy cup. This is her 'outdoor face' - basically she makes this same face everytime we're outside - I think it's when it's too bright for her?
Paeton and daddy at the zoo. Paeton is such a daddy's girl.
Paeton and I posing for the camera at the zoo. She loved her new wagon!
Paeton and daddy at the jaguar exhibit. The cat was pacing back and forth behind the glass wall!

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