Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter in New Jersey

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Paeton and I went home to see my family over the weekend and we're still getting settled back here in WI before we leave again for Easter in Oshkosh. We had an absolutely wonderful time in New Jersey. It was a short trip (Thurs - Sun) but really fun.
Here's Paeton ready to go - back pack on and picking out some last minute snacks to bring on the plane. Brewer is sad we're leaving :(
Even though Paeton picked out green beans we put them back - mommy reminded her that she doesn't like them and we're going to give them to a child who does.
Here's Paeton throwing a little tantrum just before we left for the airport - nap anyone?
Paeton's Easter basket from my parents - lots of goodies including a watering can, cheerios container, special bunny plush w/her name on it and a new spring hat that my mom made for her. She also got lots of Easter books to read.
Paeton is playing w/plastic eggs at my parent's house and sticking her tongue out at my mom.
Opening her basket and checking out what she got.
She can't wait to play with all the fun eggs!
There were eggs everywhere for P to enjoy.

More on my next entry...about our visit.

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