Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day #2 SAHM

Day 2...went to bed at 11pm last night.  I was determined to A)finish the stripes in the back foyer (did it!) and B) be up for Jodi (did it!) when he got home from basketball because he always says I'm sleeping when he gets home and he can't tell me about his amazing shots :)  So at 5:30am when Evan started whaling, I was planning to start day 1 of morning sleep training a.k.a. let him cry it out.  I should have told Jodi that plan...oops.  I'll start tomorrow.  Thanks for helping hun!

That's okay...I needed to shower (it was a hair washing/straightening/torture session day), feed and dress the kids and be out the door by 8:50am.  I decided to start W.O.W. today - Women of the Word. Here's my new book! 
 Bible study went great, the kids got some good play time with their friends and off we were, back home by 11:30am for lunch.  My biggest challenge during meal time right now is Mr.Evan likes to continuously throw his food.  The frustrating part about today is I knew he was hungry!  But he still launched pieces of cheese and ham all over the kitchen...ugh.  No matter how many times I took his plate, he still did it.  No lunch for Evan :(

Got the kids down for nap by 12:45pm, I did a 20 minute sweep of the house tidying up and then spent the last 1/2 hour beautifying myself for a commercial shoot at my church...yep, I said it!  My neighbor thankfully watched the kids for a few hours while I ran over to Spring Creek and had a really cool experience.  I'll post more details when I have some video footage to share.

Came home, played with the kids and got ready for dinner.
Dinner: Asian Porkloin w/veggies, Fried rice, Carrots
These carrots remind me of the gourmet carrots in the movie Mrs.Doubtfire.  Remember the first dinner she/he cooks to prove to Sally Field she/he can handle it?

On a side note, William is insistent on being let out like a dog.  He's such a weird cat.
While getting dinner ready, Paeton and Evan consumed themselves with our extensive collection of Mr.Potato Head supplies.  I think we have 12 large spuds, a few babies and oodles of accessories.  Here was today's creation - Paeton said, "Mom, come take a family photo"!
Are you wondering what Paeton is holding?  That's secretariat, her bouncing horse.  She REALLY likes horses right now.  4th birthday party theme?  Sounds fun!

Other highlights from today...
Mischief and Sharing

Daddy's due home in 15...talk to you tomorrow!

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