Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day #3 SAHM

Eyes open at 5am.  Ugh.  Layed in bed till 5:41am when I heard Evan start to cry.  I was determined to not get up...he'll be fine.  Jodi and I tossed and turned while we tried to ignore the crying baby in the room next door.  I'm pretty sure he went in and out of sleep till did I.  I felt like that was a big accomplishment so when he cried that time I got up with him.  He was completely soaked through his diaper which could have been the cause of not being able to get fully back to sleep.  I need to find better overnight diapers - he soaks through all the time!  Maybe tonight I'll do his normal nighttime diaper with an old pull-up of Paeton's over the top. 

No plans on the calendar today till this evening.  I was fine with that.  Paeton slept till 7:45am and woke up with her normal 'I should really be 16 yrs old but I'm only 3 attitude'.  I've learned to wait till she comes to me and asks for breakfast -  I literally don't talk to her till she approaches me and it works best.  She enjoys life on her terms anyway :)  Not sure where she got that from...

We bummed around the house till 10am and then ran to the grocery store for just a few items.  Not a horrible trip in comparison to others.  Evan is great at the store, Paeton always melts down over something.  Even when she's holding daddy's IPAD she's crying over something.  We came home, played outside for about 20 minutes (I swept the dirty garage) and then headed in to watch Paeton's pick, 'Secretariat'.  I made lunch at 11am because they were hungry early and I knew if they snacked at that point they wouldn't eat lunch.
Evan got kinda messy

After lunch we finished watching Secretariat...Evan fell asleep.  Understandable; we have watched that movie a lot.
While the kids napped, I painted a $2.99 pickup from Goodwill, made 2 phone calls (Alyssa & Mom), touched up the striped back foyer and made a fire.

When Paeton got up, we tackled a drawer in the kitchen that I've been meaning to do for years - the baking drawer.  Took 20 minutes total; amazing what you can do when you have time!
Before & After
I used a Melissa & Doug tray that Paeton got for Christmas.  It originally held a magnetic doll kit but once you open them, they never get put away to look as pretty as before.  I needed something with dividers for my drawer and I had that in mind. 

Dinner Tonight: Italian Chicken Skillet & Salad

Got this recipe from Scrapper's Hideaway - they give you all the recipes they make throughout the weekend.  Hopefully my version is as tasty as theirs.

Oh - here's my Goodwill finds to add to the back foyer.

Shelf was $2.99 - repainted it with chalkboard paint.  Basket was $1.99 - it's a faded white and I kind of like it that way.  Maybe a drop zone for umbrellas and such?

More tomorrow - almost dinner time and I'm starving!


Buntrock said...

You are doing a great job girl...keep it up.

Haust Family said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying reading your posts. I love the way you write, I can totally hear you saying it!

Oliver has the same wetting problem. The Huggies overnights seem to work the best. It has gotten a lot better but for a while there I was buying the overnight diapers in a size bigger and then these diaper insert things at Babies R Us (like a big maxi pad looking thing you just put in the diaper). That also seemed to be his issue with waking up early. Hope you start getting some more sleep! ;)