Monday, January 30, 2012

Day #6 SAHM

Hi Friends!  Missed you this weekend.  We had a busy weekend with the family.  Some highlights include Jodi's 'Holiday' work party Friday night, a visit to Oshkosh for Grandpa's Birthday on Saturday and the purchase of our new indestructible Evan-proof t.v. on Sunday.

Evan really enjoyed cupcake time as well as playing 'high-fives' with Aunt Joanie.

Now it's Monday...are you wondering what time the kids were up??  Evan started yelling at 4:30am, but I won't say why.  Well ok...after asking Jodi to put the 2nd diaper on him last night before bed, he announced, "he'll be fine".  Um, no.  He was drenched.  Jodi got him at 6:08am after Evan cried off and on from 4:30am.  I didn't even have to ask what had happened when I got up...evidence of the wet pjs was in the hamper.  Jodi did breakfast with Evan while I showered.  Paeton slept till 8:20am.

Before P got up, Evan and I tackled some laundry folding.  He brushed his teeth while I stood at the bed folding.  He is getting so big - almost 18months already!
Paeton came down for breakfast in a decent mood today - yay!  She LOVES birthdays so she immediately dug out her crown from when she turned 3 at the Kohl's Daycare and wore it during breakfast.  The kids were thrilled that I picked up the promised animal crackers during my shopping trip yesterday.  And no, they didn't have those for breakfast today...morning snack :)

So I'd like to announce that last week was the week of broken in our house.
In order:
  1. The roller on the dyson stopped the shop.
  2. Jodi's car had a loose the shop.
  3. My car had the check engine light the shop.
  4. Evan threw a block into the flat screen in the great the basement.
  5. The cable went out so the one other t.v. we had also wasn't working...I went to the basement.
I just knew that after all those major things happened, this week would be much better.  I went to make some rye toast for myself this morning...pushed the handle down on the toaster and the handle was in my hand.  Awesome.

R.I.P. Toaster

The kids played hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo this morning - I love watching them play together.

Here's a sneak peak at my almost finished project from last week, or last month (started this after Christmas)...just have to hunt for a few more frames in my basement to make sure my wall redo is zero cost. 

Our afternoon was not fun :(  It was borderline awful today!  Evan screamed for 45 minutes in his crib when I put him down for nap.  He sounded like someone was hurting him.  I finally went up there, brought him to the couch of which he immediately fell asleep.  Paeton refused to 'rest', 'sleep' or not make noise - therefore I had no break.  Ugh - I need that break.
Evan woke up in a toddler rage 45 minutes later.  He screamed for another 20 minutes at which I decided it was time for a car ride.  We needed to get the emissions test done on our car and I needed to pick up a prescription.  This saved my afternoon.
When we got back from running errands, I attempted to get into the house soon realizing the door from the garage to the house was locked.  Paeton.  I had no key to the house on me...we were officially stuck in the garage.  Called Jodi and he came home to save us.  The kids played in the garage while we waited and luckily I had my camera.
Well, Jodi's home, dinner is made and time to start the evening.  Hopefully tomorrow goes a little better! 

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Buntrock said...

That doesn't sound like a fun Monday. I hope your Tuesday got better!