Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day #7 SAHM

Back to our new normal...Evan slept till 6:20am and Paeton crawled downstairs well after 8.  Rockstar.  Evan woke up in a fabulous mood - so snuggly, talkative and of course, hungry.  I was up at 5:30am so I had a peaceful shower and got almost all the way ready before his arrival...just needed to do my hair which could easily be done downstairs while he was dining...I mean, eating breakfast.  He fed himself his yogurt and didn't make much of a mess.  He's cleaner with yogurt than he is with applesauce.

Beautiful sunrise today...
Evan occupied himself with books while I got 3 crockpot recipes going...Mexican Dinner Party tonight, chez Ulrich!
By 8:45am, we were out the door and off to church for my Tuesday morning bible study.  I'm so happy I joined this study...and I love that I get to see so many friends there!

After W.O.W., the kids and I stopped to pick up some flowers for our dinner party.  Paeton chose red roses - probably because we've been talking about Valentine's Day.  I felt like the Bachelor prepping these vases.
During Evan's fabulous nap today, I finished up a bunch of projects I had been working on.  One was my 'Fruit of the Spirit' subway art for the laundry room.
Second was my Valentine's Wreath - the lighting wasn't great for this picture.  I'll try to grab a better pic tomorrow.
Lastly was my photo wall that I mentioned yesterday I've been working on since Christmas.  There's still a few holes so I need to hunt a little more in the basement but it's coming along.  I'm determined to do this wall for no cost.
Evan woke up from nap in a good mood and played nicely till our friends arrived for dinner.  We had 6 guests and a great time.  It was so nice to see my friends from work and catch up.

I'm exhausted now and ready for bed.

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