Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Day...

Last Day...getting ready for daycare.  Paeton zipped Evan's coat on her own.  He had 'pajama day' in his classroom - his favorite theme.
Last Day...making beautiful clothing at Kohl's.
Last Day...working in a cube with beautiful scenery.
Last Day...with the best co-workers I've ever had.

Last Day...eating cupcakes with daycare friends in Preschool.
Last Day...eating cupcakes with daycare friends in the Toddler room.

I know this is the right decision; it was just a really sad Last Day...

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Jamie said...

It is allowed to be a sad day when you leave something you love and are very familiar with...I cried the last day at Children's...not just because I would miss my co-workers, but because I loved helping little babies get better!!! I am excited for you and also understand the bit of sadness!