Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Flies...

I've realized recently that Evan is growing up SO fast.  I still call him my baby because he's my youngest but he's really not a baby anymore.  He loves to be right by my side doing whatever mom is doing.  He was so interested in my new pin board...well, maybe a little distracted by the printer at the time but I knew he supported my Sunday Craft Project :)

 Evan is very aware that Paeton goes to Cubbies on Wednesday nights.  We always get to spend extra time together which is nice but his favorite part of Wednesday is putting on Paeton's Cubbie vest and carrying her Cubbies bag around.
 Evan is over his highchair.  He wants to sit at the bar with his Big Sis.  So...there the highchair sits in the corner all lonely while Evan has moved on.  Maybe we should fill that highchair with someone else??
 Evan looks up to Paeton and is willing to play anything of her choice.  What a good sport he was when she chose to play fairies and few weeks ago.  He did great.
Evan also knows that he struggles to breath in the winters and that he needs the 'cow-machine' to make him feel better.  He tolerates the nebulizer and sits on the couch reading books while he takes in his medicine.  What a big boy.

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