Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paeton's Birthday Party

Ok, so I'm finally adding the pictures from Paeton's birthday party at Gymboree!
Here's everyone hanging out at the beginning of the party.
This contraption was called 'The Monkey Jump'.
Sophia experiencing 'The Monkey Jump'.
Paeton crawling around.
Paeton's godparents, John and Brooke, and Grandpa Ulrich - taking it all in.
Paeton tackling her BFF Sammie when she realized she was there.
Paeton and Braeden riding in the boat together. She likes the older boys now that she's one.
Paeton and her old flame, Desmond.
Even though Desmond has moved on from Miss.P, she's still showing him that she's 'got back' :)
Mommy sitting w/Paeton during circle time. It's the only break Paeton took from running around.
Paeton and her little friends running under the parachute.
Paeton and Benny - look how nice he's sitting!
Paeton and friends enjoying their very own 'Gymbo' puppets.
Paeton trying to hula hoop.
Grandma Ulrich wiping some drool from P's face - dedication!
Grandma Ulrich helping Paeton to bounce on the air log.
Paeton sporting her party hat - notice her hands are restrained :)
Mommy sneaking the party hat on Paeton's head.
Paeton wants mommy to wear the hat.
Family Pic!
Benny giving Paeton some snuggles - notice her cupcake is gone!
Monkey face and banana cookie favors - yum, yum!

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