Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery Day is here

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is the day we go in for Paeton's cleft palate surgery. We are completely packed and ready to go. We're expecting to be in the hospital for the entire holiday weekend - hoping to be home by Monday. Friends from church have stocked our freezer with meals for when we arrive home and will be coming to the hospital to support us throughout the weekend. We truly feel blessed in so many ways.

Please pray for us tomorrow. We have been awaiting this day for one entire year now. We can't believe it is actually here and it's time for us to be strong....not for us, but for Paeton. It is so hard. She is the reason we wake up smiling each day; she is the light in our home. We are praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses that will be performing Paeton's surgery tomorrow. We are praying for strength for Jodi and I to be there for Paeton. We are praying for Paeton to be the tough little girl she is. And we are simply asking God to be there for us.

Paeton's surgery was pushed back to start at 9:15am. We need to be there by 7:45am. She can have apple juice till 6:15am but that's it; no food after midnight tonight.

Right now, Jodi is watching the Brewers game in bed and I'm in the scrapbooking nook on the computer. Paeton has been sleeping for over 2 hours. The dogs are at the kennel. William is on the couch. I've been watching cleft palate surgery and recovery home videos on I'm not tired....

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Gretchen said...

We're praying for you all. :)