Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paeton's Homecoming

Here's some long overdue pictures of Paeton from this past Saturday. After she took a long morning nap in the hospital, she woke up as good as new!
Just waking up from a nap - ready to play :)
Playing in her hospital crib.
All smiles - even if it hurts.

Going for a walk in the hallway - she pushed George in the stroller.

Taking her stroller for a walk at Children's Hospital.

Checking out of the hospital wth all our stuff.

Paeton and George looking out the window for daddy.

Taking a big afternoon nap at home on the couch.

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The Donegans said...

My goodness friend I have not checked your blog for awhile! Praise God that everything went well with the surgery and you all are back home:) We will be praying for the recovery to continue to go well! What a trooper little Ms. Paeton is! Hugs and kisses....Love, The Donegans