Sunday, May 31, 2009

Murder Mystery Party

Jodi and I attended a Murder Mystery 50th Surprise Party last night and a great time! We desperately needed a night out after all that's gone on with our family recently. Ms.Bobbi, Paeton's infant daycare teacher, came over to stay with Paeton which we were so blessed with. However, I realized I forgot to tell her what type of event we were attending, because when I answered the door she looked quite surprised at what I was wearing :) Here's some pix for you to enjoy.

We played the roles of Cash and Cassandra Steal. Jodi was head of a mob gang and I was his 'flirty' wife.

Here's my friend Lisa who hosted the event for her husband.

Lisa's daughter Sophia who attends the same daycare as Paeton.
Lisa and Tom Brussow

The whole murder mystery gang!

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