Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Despite Paeton's surgery and her forgiven crankiness, we had some high moments over the holiday weekend. She was clearly happy to be home not only with mommy and daddy but with her puppies. Keep in mind, we still call them puppies even though they are full grown 75lb labs :)
Hanging out on the hammock in the backyard with daddy.
Paeton picking dandelions at Lake Michigan.
She was totally in her glory running through this field picking flowers. It entertained her for almost 2 hours!
Paeton LOVES to push her own stroller around. Daddy helped to make sure she didn't steer into the lake. Sailboats were everywhere - it was a beautiful day.

This video was taken on Saturday - the day we came home from the hospital. She just wanted to swing in her swing.

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Ruthann said...

Marlaina! Your blogs are great! So happy to see Paeton is on the mend, adorable photos. .!!