Friday, May 22, 2009

Settling in at the Hospital

This picture was taken about 3pm today....still resting. Grandma Ulrich, Jodi and I are taking shifts holding Paeton. I did the recovery room, Jodi took the first shift in the room and now Grandma has her. She is happiest in someone's arms.
Paeton finally showed some signs of waking up - we were so excited! The swelling has taken over a bit - cheeks and lips are getting bigger.
Here's a view of her 'arm bands'. She hasn't shown too much annoyance with them yet - but she's been sleeping most of the time so we'll see.
We gave her a little bit of apple juice - that's all she's been allowed so far. We're going on almost 24 hour with no food. She only took a few sips.
Paeton received a bravery award which we will frame for her room at home. If they didn't give her one, daddy and I certainly would have.
Paeton has been alternating during her awake time this afternoon between watching her butterfly balloon from Aunt LJ and Uncle Ryan (and cousins!) and watching Alvin and The Chipmunks. It's been so nice to see her eyes open.
Several friends have joined George in her crib. Everyone has treated us so well here at Children's Hospital. Such a blessing...

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