Friday, February 3, 2012

Day #10 SAHM's Friday.  I made it 2 weeks!  We've had a lot going on and the exhaustion is starting to set in but I'm having fun and enjoying all of God's Graces & Blessings.  On the calendar for today? first ChangePointe Playdate...yay!  This playdate was at our church in the gym.  Everyone brings toys/bikes/ride-ons for the kids and us moms try to have conversation while fixing boo-boos, steering bikes away from each other and taking the older ones to the potty.  Such fun!
Just wanted to let everyone know we did get a great toaster and waffles are back and better than ever for breakfast.
Paeton read, watched a movie and worked on letters fireside while I sold my bench I put on Craigslist 36 hours ago...yes!  We had a peaceful afternoon while Mr.Evan napped.
Evan woke up at the end of Secretariat and finished watching with her. 
My sweet little Evan is 18months today - wow.  He loves to play dress up, watch movies with Paeton, read books and be at my side.
To celebrate we're ordering pizza tonight and watching a family movie. 


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