Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day # 13 SAHM

My poor Evan...screaming at 5:30am this morning.  He's so inconsistent with what time he gets up and he screams like crazy when he wakes up from nap and from nighttime.  I'm looking forward to this phase being over.  Hopefully soon!  Jodi got him today sometime after 6 and I fell back asleep till well after 7.  Thank you hubby.  I needed more sleep after staying up late last night.

My friend Leslie came over to play with her two kids this morning.  Brady and Evan were good playmates.  They enjoyed watching an episode of Little Einsteins together on Evan's sleeping bag.
Paeton and Riley played nice together too until Paeton screamed at Riley and made her cry.  Riley really didn't like that and Paeton took awhile to get over the embarassment of A) getting disciplined in front of her friend and little brother and B) having to say she's sorry when she knew what we she did was wrong.  But she did it and I was proud of her for doing it.  Oh Paeton.

I know that God gives us every child for a reason.  I love my Paeton dearly but she continuously challenges my patience and my daily strength.  I can only hope that I will look at these younger years and laugh.  And hopefully not cry like I do sometimes these days...

We had a lazy afternoon - everyone rested or napped and woke up in good moods.
Evan got mad at Buzz and put him in a timeout in the microwave.  Creative.
The kids love taking turns (haha...loosely taken) with this random pair of glasses we found under our couch 2 weeks ago.  They are so cute on both of them.  Paeton uses them as her 'goggle glasses' for when she races her horses.  And Evan just wants to do what Paeton is doing.
Dinner Tonight: Penne Pasta Casserole
It's Wednesday which means it's an Awana night.  We're all going as a family because I'm subbing in the Honeybees classroom for my friend Amy who just had foot surgery.   I also have a phone date with my friend Krista from TN tonight which I'm so looking forward to.  Planning our trip in March!

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