Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #20 SAHM

4 weeks down.  Wow!  I have no pictures to share today because I didn't take any worth sharing.  Blogging everyday is getting to be exhausting.  I can tell I'm winding down from this project.  But here's a quick recap of the day.

After a fun filled evening with the Poelzers last night, the kids slept well and so did Jodi and I.  We greeted Carol with many hugs this morning as we hadn't seen her in 3 weeks and our house needed her magic wand.  She was here promptly at 7:30am which all of sudden seems REALLY early to me!  I was out the door by 8:30am with the kids, on our way to a playdate at The Big Backyard.

We had a great morning with close friends.  The kids were wiped when we left.  Evan crashed in his carseat and Paeton actually had a good rest time today!  We were all up and back at it by 3pm.  We had a low key afternoon and right now I'm awaiting the sitter because Jodi and I have a much needed date night.  We're heading to Fleming's Steakhouse for dinner and then I think we'll run some errands.  I find running errands together without kids to be very enjoyable.

I'd really like a picture of us from tonight's date night but every time we get to the restaurant, I think it's weird to ask someone to take our we're 16 or something.  We'll see if I get enough guts tonight :)


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