Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day #19 SAHM

7:09am folks...yup, Evan is improving!  He's also not screaming as much when he wakes up which makes me think he's waking up when he should...not prematurely.  The kids snuggled up on their sleeping bags this morning while I prepped some things for dinner and got us ready to run some errands.  I needed one last ingredient for my dinner tonight - fresh basil.  We also needed to get a few things from the dollar store and then a few things from Michaels.  I don't often do this but I let the kids run errands with me in their pajamas.  Sometimes I think they're happier that way - this morning proved me right. 
 A few hours later we were back.  I went to 3 grocery stores to find fresh basil.  That means in and out of carseats 3 times.  In and out of a grocery cart 3 times.  Oh...and finding a cart that has an operationable seatbelt for Evan much more than 3 times.  Ugh.  I never made it to Michaels - couldn't do one more errand after all of that.

When we got home, the kids played while I prepped lunch.  Evan's favorite spot in the house right now is the luggage set by the patio door.  He plays with all his 'little people' and lines them up on the luggage.  And yes, that's sunshine on Evan.  It does come out in Wisconsin!

I gave Evan ketchup for the first time during lunch today.  I thought he'd like to dip his chicken nuggets in it.  I got tied up doing some things while the kids were eating (imagine that?!) and I came into the kitchen to find all of the ketchup gone...and in Evan's hair.  It was DISGUSTING.  To the tub we went. 

I often think about the different stages kids go through.  For each stage, there are things that make them easier than the other child you have.  And there are things that make them tougher than the other child you have.  As I bathed Evan I thought about how happy I was that Paeton doesn't do 'messy' things like this anymore.  But I won't start the list of things I can't wait for her to grow out of :)
While Evan napped and after Paeton completed her required rest time ( I took a hot shower during this time and it was SO needed!) we got out a gift from my mom to work on.  She sent me a box of games and training tools for kids getting ready for 4K.  We don't plan to put Paeton into any type of preschool until she starts 4K in the Fall so this will really help!
Tonight we're hosting our February family to help reach our goal of 12 families for
2012 Dinners With The Ulrichs
We didn't intend for the families to be so close together but our January family pushed into February - no biggie.  Tonight's meal is 'Italian' themed. 

On the menu:
Appetizer: Bruschetta
Salad: Italian
Main Dish: Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage
Side Dish: Roasted Veggies
Dessert: Ice Cream Cake

 Most of this meal cooked in crock pots throughout the day making it super easy.  I even made my veggies in the crock pot.  I received a triple crock pot from Kohl's 2 Christmases ago and that has changed my life.  Thanks honey!

We are so happy to host the Poelzer Family tonight.  The Poelzers hosted us for our very first Dinner of 6 at Spring Creek Church - 3 1/2 years ago.  They are a blessing to us in many ways.

Happy Friday Eve!


Buntrock said...

3 1/2 years ago...that is when we met you. I believe we had pappa murphey's pizza that night and you brought the salad:)

Marlaina and Jodi Ulrich said...

You got it babe! And you said to me, "I've never seen my husband eat so much salad in his life!"