Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day #9 SAHM

Got a good night's sleep last night...I've decided that helps to make a successful day.  Jodi was able to help with the kids this morning while I took a great shower and got ready.  That helps with my happiness too :)  The kids were in great moods this morning.  They complied the first time with getting dressed, making beds, cleaning up their rooms and brushing teeth.  LOVE.

Paeton entertained Evan with crafts and his fave - tape.  I was able to get everything ready for errands and Evan's 18month checkup.

We checked the weather like the Berenstain Bears do - look outside.  It was pretty foggy today which I tried to explain to Paeton but she kept thinking this is what happens when snow melts.  Oh well.  William went out for his early morning walk.
I tried to get a better shot of my Valentine's Wreath - I handmade the rosettes out of old pajama pants on the left. 
Paeton's been asking when she can have waffles again.  I said when we get a new toaster.  She said when are we getting a new toaster?  I said when I find my Kohl's coupons.  Found we went. Paeton obeyed really well in the store and stayed right by me.  Baby steps.
After we picked up our toaster and a few $4 sweatshirts (Love Kohl's), we ran into the dollar store next door to grab some felt.  Hopefully my project turns out okay!

The kids sang in the car on the way to the doctor's office.  Paeton taunted Evan with the fact that he was getting nice.  She even told him the sticker at the end doesn't make it better.  Ouch.
The kids played great at the doctor's office while I made the next appt., updated insurance, turned in forms and oh...took these pictures.
My mom sends Evan these fantastic ties and he loves to wear them around the house.  This one came with us to the doctor's office.  He refused to take it off when I had to get him undressed for his weigh-in. 
Paeton was quite devastated when Dr.Kirschner said Evan didn't need any shots.  She asked him two times why Evan wasn't going to get poked.

Our appointment was followed by lunch.  I had Dora on while they ate and I sorted laundry.  Things in the kitchen were really quiet and I wondered why.  Found Evan sleeping in his highchair...oops.  He can fall asleep in seconds just like me.

Everyone in the house rested/napped today - for 90 minutes.  I'll take it.  The afternoon was spent watching a movie, playing in the basement and making some more t-shirts that my neighbor is helping me stitch tonight.

Dinner Tonight: Chicken & Roasted Vegetables (crockpot)
 Jodi should be home soon so I'm going to work on getting the table set.  Or maybe Paeton can do that...

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