Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day #18 SAHM

For some reason, Evan has started to sleep later.  I'm convinced this is just a phase of luck but I'll take it.  First cry was at 7:09am today.  Wow.  I didn't even know what was happening - I slept so well.  Paeton got up soon after which was very unusual being that she's my 8:30am girl.  Everyone was really hungry so we went downstairs for waffles and GMA.  I had peanut butter toast - yum.

Earlier than normal, Evan climbed in his chair at the dining room table and Paeton was pulling out crafts.  They like to do crafts at least twice a day.  This morning was watercolors for Paeton and markers for Evan.
I start to get nervous when we're low on food - specifically food for the kids.  When I opened the fridge this morning, I had that feeling so we left for Aldi to get some supplies :) 

Much Better.
While running errands, we got the car washed.  Evan hates the car wash.  This is him 'hiding' from it.  I always think getting the car washed is a good idea till we're in it and it's really loud and the kids are crying.  One day I'll learn.
We made lunch when we got home and after I explained to Paeton 4 times that we weren't having lunch with daddy today.  I told her we could call him after the grocery store and if he answered and was available, we could meet up for lunch.  I kept telling her he might not answer or he might be busy.  He didn't answer after a few tries so we headed home and made our own lunch.  She just didn't understand.

Tonight's our Awana night and we're going again as a family.  I am helping in the Honeybees room again.  No big plans for dinner either.  If you're wondering, I've been using my spare time during the day to do some 'surprise' projects that I can't share till the right time.  Some people have mentioned that I'm 'slacking' with posting about my projects.  Don't doubt me!

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