Friday, February 10, 2012

Day #15 SAHM

Wow...the end of week 3 is here.  And we're ending it with a snowstorm that appears to be a little worse than what Sally Severson on Channel 12 predicted!  This was my toughest week yet but I'm happy we're ending it with Family #1 of our
2012 Dinners With The Ulrichs
goal.  Jodi and I are trying to be intentional in having more families over for dinner this year 'just because'.  Tonight we're hosting The Duty Family so we'll max out with 4 adults and 6 kids!

Jodi was gracious enough to deliver our meal this morning so I didn't have to leave the house quite yet.  We went from not having morning plans to possibly going to Kids in Motion to not going to Kids in Motion to having a friend over to not having a friend over to just staying home :)  By 10am, the kids wanted to do art and Paeton was itching to work on her family mural.
I love how she's starting to add hair to her faces.  Not everyone is guaranteed a nose though.

Evan was content as usual sitting at the table coloring with markers.  When he starts to eat them I know he's either hungry or bored.
The kids and I checked on the status of the snow many times.  Paeton always makes sure the swing set is still standing.
The kids woke up groggy from nap.  We watched Olivia.  Paeton thinks it's so cool that Olivia has a cat named William too.
I spent the afternoon prepping dinner.  Everything needed to cook in the oven at the same time so I wanted all the recipes to be as easy as possible to put together when it was time.

Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies
Dinner: Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese
Side: Cheesy Topped Mashed Potato Casserole
See ya Monday!


Buntrock said...

Sounds like a fun Friday!

Hope we get to be a part of your cool dinners:)

Jennie Duty said...

We had a great time and still in awe of your painting talents. I want stripes in my house now, too! So, curious, did you start with us because...if you can handle our family, you can handle any family?!? ;-)

Marlaina and Jodi Ulrich said...

We've been wanting to have you guys over for dinner for a LONG time so it was an easy pick when we wrote this goal down in December. We had fun too! If you ever want help painting, let me know. I love to do it!