Monday, February 13, 2012

Day #16 SAHM

Starting today with a question.  Do any other SAHM Friends feel more productive during the week than during the weekend?  By Sunday night, my house is a mess and I'm looking forward to getting the house in shape Monday morning.  That's what I spent this morning doing. 

For those wondering what time Evan woke up, we are making a commitment to keep him in his bed till 7am.  Got that tip from my friend Joy.  He was crying at 5:51am.  I leaned over to Jodi and said "Don't touch him till 7am".  He complied. He didn't cry the whole time; just off and on, but still.

After breakfast and morning snack, pulling out the chairs and cleaning under the bar was a must.  It was a disaster zone.  This picture doesn't do it justice.   Another question.  Does anyone ever feel like their kids won't eat any of their 'normal' favorite snacks?  We're going through that right now.  I need new ideas!
 My morning task was getting through 2 weeks of paperwork.  What a mess.  I recently purchased some new file folders so I set out to organize this stack while the kids played nicely.
Paeton can't do enough crafts ever.  I love how creative she's getting on her own.  She made this kite this morning with Evan.  I thought she did a good job.  She was very proud of it.  I couldn't get a great picture though because all she wanted to do was 'fly' it.
Dinner Tonight: 'Busy Mom's' Chicken Fajitas
(that's really what it's called)
I'm light on pictures today because Jodi has the camera for a project at work.  Hopefully more tomorrow!

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