Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day#14 SAHM

To finish off our happenings from last night, we went as a family to Awana for youth group.  I was subbing, Paeton had Cubbies, Jodi was teaching the lesson in T&T and Evan comes everywhere with us.  When we were leaving I snapped a few pictures.  The kids are getting big.

October 2010
Paeton: 2 yrs 5mos   Evan 3mos
 February 2012
Paeton: 3 yrs, 9mos   Evan: 1yr, 6mos
Ok, back to today.  Evan went to bed over an hour after his normal time of 7:30pm because of Awana.  Jodi and I thought for sure he'd sleep later.  Nope.  Jodi got up with him again which was fantastic.  I was up later than normal chatting with my friend Krista from TN.  Can't wait for our first ever Ulrich Road Trip in March!

On the calendar for today was heading to Mayfair Mall to get a giftcard for my friend who just had a baby.  I didn't really want to take the kids to the mall.  I envisioned it not going well.  But I pulled out the double stroller, loaded it up and made a big deal of it so hopefully Paeton would want to ride instead of walk.  She did...the whole time!
The line in the store we were getting the giftcard from was SO long I couldn't believe it.  Probably 12 SAHM's in front of us.  Unreal!  The kids were patient while we waited.  A really nice lady in front of me who had a huge purchase including returns without the receipt heard me say to Paeton that we only needed a giftcard...she let me go ahead of her. 

Since we were approaching the lunch hour and I feared Evan falling asleep on the way home without eating, we decided to grab a few slices of pizza in the food court.  Luckily the mall was very empty so it was easy to navigate with the double stroller and our tray of food. Plus, Paeton insisted that her and Evan needed highchairs so I was dragging those too.
The guy at Sbarro gave the kids green balloons as a treat which they loved...especially Evan.  I think he would have eaten more pizza if he wasn't playing with his balloon so much.  He is rarely distracted during feeding time.  That balloon later popped in the car quite loudly which caused both kids to cry.  Other than that, we had a successful trip to the mall and didn't buy anything but our giftcard and lunch - Jodi will be happy :)

This afternoon, Paeton helped me make a breakfast casserole for my friend Elizabeth.  I hadn't made this casserole in awhile so I decided to make it for dinner for our family to test drive it first.
The kids also enjoyed some coloring.  Evan is so good at putting the caps back on the markers!
More fun tomorrow!

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