Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day #22 SAHM

Woke up to snow today - must have missed that on the weather because I was quite shocked.  It was a beautiful snow too.  I love wet snow and how it sits on the tree line behind our house.  I grabbed Evan out of his crib and he looked out his window yelling "snow", "snow".  It was so cute.  He loves snow. The kids ate a slow breakfast while I got ready for W.O.W.  Evan was content watching Sesame Street and gazing out the window.  I am thankful for slow mornings and breakfast time that doesn't have to be rushed.  Paeton ate 3 bowls of cereal today...wow.  She picked her favorite soccer tee to wear.  I thought she looked really old.

We got home around noon, ate lunch and played for a bit.  The snow had stopped and actually most from the pavement had disappeared.  This is such a weird winter.  Everyone rested/napped from 12:45-3pm which was really nice.  We all needed some rest time. 

For the afternoon, we're working on a huge Goodwill donation right now.  Time to clear out some stuff from the basement.  I hauled a bunch of stuff upstairs so Jodi and I could load the truck tonight and get ready for drop off #1 tomorrow.  I LOVE cleaning the house out.  Such a good feeling.  We do it pretty often which is good but I always feel like we have so much stuff!

Dinner Tonight: Nothing Fancy...Buttered Noodles!

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