Monday, February 20, 2012

Day #21 SAHM

Monday again - wow the weekends fly.  As usual I was looking forward to getting my house in order and getting on our weekly schedule which isn't really much of a schedule yet but it's my new normal.  Over the weekend a group of girlfriends and I got together with some 'elders' from our church and learned to knit at a nearby coffee shop.  Here's how far I've gotten.  Everyone keeps asking me what I'm making.  Nothing...but I'm knitting!
We had a low key morning today.  The kids played great together while I tidied up.  Evan is really into this bucket of people and animals we've accumulated over time.  He loves to put them under the coffee table all lined up like soldiers.  Paeton, of course, puts the horses in their 'stables' like Secretariat.
After lunch we went to Gretchen's to finish up some details for Girl's Getaway.  Evan napped nicely there and Paeton watched a show while the mommies worked.

After naps, it was time to eat some cupcakes to celebrate Gretchen's day early.  We all enjoyed them - they were YUMMY.  Evan REALLY liked them!  I'm still scrubbing his clothes :)
Evan entertained himself with colored pencils when we got home while Paeton danced and sang to "Just Like A Rockstar" and I cooked dinner.
Dinner Tonight: Homemade Beef Nachos
Kids Cheese Quesadillas

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