Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day #23, #24 & #25 SAHM

Ok...breaking the rules and blogging 3 days in one.  I'm really busy right now with final details for Girl's Getaway and a bunch of other little things so this is the only way to kinda still meet my goal.  Forgive me and don't judge.
The kids are doing great...keeping up with my busyness which is nice.  Paeton is such a natural born leader and I love that about her.  Well, except when she tries to be my boss.  Details.  She's really been stepping up in doing chores, cleaning her room without being asked, getting snacks for not just herself but for Evan and for teaching Evan words.  I am so proud of that little girl.  Evan looks up to her so much.  He is right by her side for most of the day. 
Remember I talked about Evan throwing food from his highchair all the time?  I think I've solved the issue.  He just doesn't want to be in the highchair anymore.  He loves to eat at this little picnic table with Paeton.  And he's been eating so much better!  Problem solved...for now.
I've been talking to Paeton a lot about doing chores and acts of service with a smile.  I'm not sure if she gets it but yesterday she yelled to me in the front seat, "Hey Mom, I'm running errands with a smile!"  Thatta girl!
We've been diligently working on clearing out the basement and bringing carloads over to Goodwill.  Paeton had a slight meltdown yesterday when we pulled up.  She thought the man was scary who opened the garage door to take our things.  I could understand.  She also started screaming when he began to unload the items from the back of the truck.  She kept saying, "I don't want the scary man to take our things.  Those are ours!".  After a few trips (and I was helping) he said, "Ma'am, I'll finish the rest.  Go sit in your car."  Ok.  We went to Culvers afterwards for a sweet treat :)
I'm taking off tomorrow at noon for the much awaited
Girl's Getaway 2012
in Lake Geneva, WI.  Can't wait!  You won't hear from me till Monday when hopefully I will be very rested and ready to take on a new week.  See you soon!

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